Places You Can Hang // Boston Compass #119

July 19, 2019 PJ Carmichael

Places You Can Hang:
Outdoor places you’ve missed or neglected and how to find them!

Oakdale Park/Middlesex Fells Reservation
Take the Orange Line to Oak Grove, exit the Washington Street side of the station, walk about a half mile to Oakdale Park in Melrose, and you enter a beautiful patch of forestry which connects to the larger Middlesex Fells Reservation. If you’re into hiking and experiencing some truly beautiful views, you can explore the entirety of the Fells, which extends over 2600 acres and contains 100+ miles of mixed-use trails.

Nashua Street Park aka EGGS
I used to skate the iconic EGGS (Nashua Street Park) a bunch when I was younger, but now I tend to find myself simply sitting and enjoying this park in the West End of Boston, located off the Green Line Science Park stop. Gaze over the Charles River, watch some kids bust out a few tricks, and enjoy the experience of simply being alive at this nice little park by the water.

Revere Beach
With the summer in full swing, there’s no better time to hit the beach than right now. Take the Blue Line to Revere Beach and enjoy some ocean air. Get a slice of Bianchi’s pizza, a Revere Beach staple, now served at Renzo Pizzeria on the boulevard, and enjoy a delicious ice cream sundae at Kell’s Kreme as well. There’s also a ton of hardcore shows that happen at Sammy’s Patio, too, so there’s often the opportunity to catch some intense live music while you’re in the area.

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